When it comes to quality assembly and electronic systems manufacturing, there is no tolerance for error. That is why our modern facility integrates top of the line production equipment with the highest level of testing, inspection, and quality assurance procedures to meet and exceed your manufacturing requirements.

Our production equipment includes:

  • Samsung CP-40CV Pick & Place
  • Samsung CP-11 Pick & Place
  • Manncorp ECM 96 Pick & Place
  • Manncorp ECM 93 Pick & Place
  • DIMA Passaat Reflow Oven
  • DIMA IR Oven
  • MANIX 1712 Stencil Printer
  • Elite 2424 Stencil Printer
  • Econopak 229 Wave Solder Machine
  • Hako 465 Wave Solder Machine
  • Hako 466 IC Rework Station
  • Microscan 1218 Lead Trimmer
  • MANIX ADP100 Auto IC Lead Trimmer
  • Roto RT100 Component Trimmer
  • Lester Hot Air Reflow System
  • Nuclean Poly SMT218 Aqueous Cleaner
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